Its just been going all to rot

Why did I bother to set up hosting and a wordpress blog if I don’t actually blog? That very question has been bothering me for around 2 years :) Anyhow it finally bothered me a bit too much so I’ve decided to start writing . Watch this space.

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Just another day at the office

I am a software developer and I love what I do for a living, I am not the best and I am not the worst I am pretty good at what I do and have now been doing it for a while. One of the things I love about our profession is that it encourages co-operation with other geeks and there is a lot of community around certain subjects. This is something I prize because I believe that all knowledge should be shared between all levels of seniority and I find that most important.

One of the things that drives me absolutely loopy however is those developers, some junior and some very senior who think that because they know a bit more about certain subjects than others that the other people are somehow inferior. Time and time again I have come accross people, some very senior, who are patronising and to be honest totally self serving, they make recommendations not based on technical merit but based on technology they understand and usually the ones they have a pet liking for and are very clued on and they do this because it preserves their status as the ‘guru’ in the department, this fools senior management into thinking that they are untouchable and it also means that a lot of recommendations from less senior staff fall by the wayside.

I am a realist I understand that more senior staff will always be listened to more by management than less senior but what I really dislike is the attitude that they are more senior and therefore obviously better as a whole, this is usually not the case.

I will also say that a lot of these sorts of people also try to paint you as not as knowledgable because you are not doing things in their prescribed domain, this is not about following code standards, but more than once I have been asked to change my code mainly because the person looking at it didn’t understand O-O design, I find this laughable and if they stopped thinking they knew more than everyone else and asked why design decisions had been taken then perhaps a sensible converstation can be had.

I fully believe that the googles and thoughtworks of this world have amazing people and developers and that this sort of attitude is not prevelent there but unfortunately in most places I have worked it is.. and every so often I have to go home and calm down because I cannot stand to see the base incompetence that is going on and is obvious to me.

I am not saying I am always right I am saying that sometimes people who are more senior should look to their juniors for advice as good ideas can come from anywhere, and this is true no matter what level you reach.

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Hello and welcome

Well I did it I finally got my blog online and this is my first entry, not much to say at the moment but I soon will

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